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Who we are

Our studio has been operating since 1986 in all prevailing fields of architecture and is directed by 
Mario Scaramuzza and Vania Zucchetti.
The studio is a forge of ideas, in the constant search for the state of the art between technology and culture, in
purest spirit of architecture, a mirror of all times.
We constantly deal with the restoration of architectural and artistic heritage, building recovery,
residential and commercial constructions, design, monumental works and urban redevelopment.

Architecture is a living creature, which over time has developed and grown with man and society,
improving their quality of life. Precisely for this reason, human well-being is our goal.
For us, each project is a work in itself, personal, shaped around the client, like a
dress, like his own skin. It must please and at the same time provide maximum functionality
ergonomic, optimizing comfort and economy both, at the present and during the future.
All this without abandoning our knowledge, the philosophy of making true architecture, our style.

These principles, with which we have based our business for almost forty years, give each of ours
realization a soul that every client recognizes us.

Always constantly updated, we are in fact trainers, as tutors for young architects
coming mainly from the Politecnico di Milano, with whom we have a partnership since 2001 and we are
accredited for extracurricular internships by the Order of Architects of Cremona.

Mario Scaramuzza e Vania Zucchetti architetti
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